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Our Mission


GSEG is committed to eliminating waste, costly duplication of efforts and production start-up problems for our customers. We accomplish this by providing proprietary technologies and the simultaneous development and delivery of world class equipment from a single source through integrated subcontracts.


Our Company


  • A global 'Joint Venture' partnership
  • Global in Our Outlook
  • Providing Best Practices in
    • Lean Processing
    • Virtual Factory design
    • Low Cost Sourcing
    • Functional Build





GSEG  - LCC Build/Worldwide Integration Joint Venture Partnerships










  • Models / Prototypes
  • Product Design / Engineering / Analysis
  • Systems Engineering / Validation
  • Dies / Molds
  • Body Welding / Assembly
  • Service / Support / Maintenance Contracts
  • Commodities
  • Closure lines  (manual/full auto)
  • Automation