Dispensing Systems


Dosing System for Sealants and Adhesives

Dispensing Valve with Adjustable Nozzle.

Joint Patent with BMW:

Process and Device to Dispense Thick Substances

Global Patent

Multi-Point device to apply adhesive spots




  • Border- flange bonding by the “Spiral Injection Method”.
  • Packing and support bonding with “Multi-Point Jet Stickers”
  • Border-flange sealing by the ‘Thin Stream Method’
  • Application of beads
  • Application of wide slots
  • Spray coating for acoustics
  • A continuous flow of material is maintained throughout the INTEC proportional dosing device.
  • The material that is applied does not remain longer than necessary in the dosing device to prevent hardening.
  • Electric and pneumatic models available
  • Electric Dosing Devices
    • Servo drive ensures a positioning accuracy of the dosing device of 5µm
  • Proportional Dosing Devices
    • Proportional volume – pressure metering
  • All Dosing Devices
    • Tempered right up to the nozzle tip
    • PT100 in dispensing valve to monitor the temperature
    • The precise drive guarantees extremely accurate and uniform dosing on a repeatable basis
  • Duel Pump Station
    • Pneumatic pumping and change over
    • Tempered - heated pumps available
    • Special sealing packages
    • 5-Year guarantee (except wear parts)
  • The control system consists of an industrial PC backed by a decentralized periphery with application-specific inputs-outputs.
  • The application software is based on a real time kernel extension for Windows 2000 and provides the basis for a multi-taking system in real time.
  • High Speed Dispensing
    • Less than 5 seconds per cycle
  • Hot and cold glues



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