SMCC Induction Heating Unit


Induction heating unit for adhesive precuring, medium-frequency converter with self-contained cooling water supply


  • Compact Modular Design
    • Separate generator and cooling system
    • Maximizes system layout flexibility                                                                                   Improves maintainability
  • Water / air cooling-unit
    • Optional water / water cooling unit                                                                                   integrated in the cabinet
    • Individual cooling circuit control with                                                                                    current flow quantities
  • Plug systems for power outlets and cooling                                                                          water supply
  • Meets current techniques and standards for                                                                    generators including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Temperature registration of up to 8 measuring points
    • Column and curve diagram for component temperature on the display
  • INTERBUS or PROFIBUS control
  • Ethernet connection for process data


SMCC Specifications

Power Range : 40 kW

Operation Frequency : 5 – 20 kHz

Standard Dimensions : 1600 X 600 X 700 mm

(On Transport Wheels)

Transformer Unit : External (on the Curing Station)

Dimensions : 450 X 350 X 300 mm

Flexible Connection : Max. 12 m Separation

Power Switch : Up to 3 Curing Stations

Process Control : Cycle Time and Temperature Profile

Interconnection Control : INTERBUS, PROFIBUS

Interconnection Data : ETHERNET



The HABIFLEX System (patented)


Patent for flexible inductor system for applications in the heating of bonded hems

Patent no. 198 07 099-3

Especially suitable for inductor systems with complex contours


  • Flexible Heating Conduction and Holders
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Less Distortion
  • Constant Temperature Distribution
  • Complete Hem Cure or Partial
  • No Junction Points For the Components
  • Periphery
  • Electric Shock Protection
  • Each Turn Can Be Adjusted Universally
  • Reduces Heating-up Period Compared to a                                                               One Turn Inductor By Up To 80%
  • Better Quality Due To a Constant Temperature                                                           Profile Between External and Internal Metal.
  • A Mechanical Assembly Technique Allowing the Direct Mounting of the Inductor System On Site
  • Flexible – Allowing Adjustment / Fine Tuning to the Contour of Each Component and for Future Product Changes.








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